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1. TIME. Is Five (5) minutes, running clock. The clock stops only for:
- End of game
- Equipment failure such as broken post, rod, game
- Player called 30 second Timeout for. One timeout per player per game
- Referee called time out or adding time by Referee
- Puck leaving the ice (souvenir for the fans) if more than 5 seconds elapse

2. GOAL. Is scored (Goals from Face off count) when the Puck:
- Goes in and stays in goal cup
- Stops on the goal tender bar and is completely behind red goal line
- Rolls into the goal from anywhere

3. FREEZE. Is called by Goalie when puck is behind Goalie, stops moving in the crease, and:
- Is not fully behind red goal line
- Center’s stick cannot touch the Puck
- Is called immediately after puck stops moving (no need to wait)
- Is the Goalie’s option to make the call or not

4. NO GOAL. A goal is disallowed when:
- Puck goes in and out and stays out, play continues with no interruption
- Center pushes the Goalie but never touches the puck
- Player moves, lifts, or tilts the board and goal is scored

5. POWER PLAY. Occurs when a Player falls of the post or the control rod grip falls off.
- Fallen player or grip must remain as is until a stoppage of play
- Shorthanded player calls FREEZE after getting full possession of the puck
- Play resumes with the Player who has the Puck starting play
- If no player has the Puck, but play stops, the Face Off is at Center Ice

6. FACE OFFS. All face offs are at Center Ice. Centers must be positioned with post and stick outside the centre ice face off circle. The Puck must hit the ice first or puck will dropped again. Face Offs start the Game and OT, and continue the Game after:
- A goal, disallowed goal, or Puck leaving the ice surface
- Any major equipment failure
- Stoppages except Goalie freeze or Dead Zone Puck

7. DEAD ZONE PUCK or FREEZE. Play resumes with the puck touching the backboard at the trapezoid line. The defenseman must try to play the puck first if the puck goes in the dead zone or the goalie must haved called a FREEZE. The puck is then moved moved with ONE FINGER to the correct TRAPEZOID LINE and must touch the backboard. Left or Right side is determined by the puck location before play stops or the last man to touch the puck. Play resume with either defenseman clearing the puck. The 5 second delay of game applies for play to resume after:
- Goalie calls “FREEZE”
- Puck stopping in the Dead Zone
- Puck getting stuck in net meshing

- Stuck under a player’s stick, then player can free the puck and continue playing
- Rolling in the corner and cannot be played, A push is allowed ...puck still rolling
- Awarded to opposing player after a Delay of Game penalty.

9. DELAY OF GAME PENALTY. All Players must try to make a scoring play or pass within 5 seconds from the time they could have or can play the puck. This Penalty will be called when any Player takes more than 5 seconds to take a shot/pass. These Player pairs are considered to be one player for this Rule:
- Defense to Defense plays behind the net
- Goalie to Defense plays in Goal crease

If a Player does not pass/shoot within 5 seconds, the player will be warned. A second warning is the final tournament warning. Any further delay in this game or any future game will result in immediate change of possession. The Puck will be awarded to the nearest opposing player. Play continues with no face Off. This rule also applies when:
- Resuming play after a FREEZE and for Defense to start play behind the net
- Defense tries to play the Dead Zone Puck, and for resuming play behind the net
- Starting play after a Goal is allowed or disallowed

- Ramming Defense against backboards to clear the puck
- Box defense placing one or both defensemen in the crease, behind the goalie
- Touching any player during the game
- Lifting, tilting, vibrating the game board or spinning players
- Bank shot into net without Puck touching (any) player - TODD KROZE RULE (in memoriam).

11. DEAD ZONE. Is the area behind the net where neither Defense player can touch the puck indicated by the red lines behind the Goal. With a DEAD ZONE PUCK:
- The Defense must go back and try to play the puck first
- The Play resumes at the TRAPEZOID LINE if nobody can touch the Puck
- The 5 second rule applies to make the call and resume play

12. TOUCHING PLAYERS IS NOT ALLOWED at any time during the game unless a shorthanded Player needs to be fixed and the shorthanded Team has possession of the Puck. If a player always fans in a particular area, equipment failure rule applies. The player can be pushed down or changed when there is a stoppage of play. If a player is touched illegally, opposing winger is automatically awarded the puck and play resumes within 5 seconds.

13. REFEREE controls the game and decisions are Final. Both players must respect Referee’s judgement. Arguing with the Referee will not be allowed. If there is no Referee, both players are expected to apply all these rules fairly. Protests can be directed to Tournament Referee. The Tournament Referee’s decision is Final.

14. PENALTY SHOT will be awarded when the opponent denies the offensive player a scoring opportunity by making an illegal move such as:
- Moving the game board when puck is in the goal crease
- Touching a moving puck in the crease without calling a FREEZE
- Blocking a shot without using a player or goalie (also known as the “crack” defense)
The penalty shot is awarded IMMEDIATELY and game time clock is stopped.

For illegal moves such as:
- Touching a player on the ice surface except pick up a fallen player
- Using profane language repeatedly
- Deliberately distracting the opponent in any other way
The penalty shot is awarded AFTER A FIRST WARNING has been given.

The Center and Goalie play the Penalty Shot as follows:

1) Puck is placed Center Ice dot with the Center at the faceoff circle.
2) Goalie is positioned in the crease, and cannot be touched or moved.
3) The Clock is set at 0:05 (5 seconds) and Center says “Ready”.
4) Clock is started and Center has 5 seconds to take a shot and score

GOAL: The Puck must be fully behind the red line before buzzer sounds.

1) Any rebound unless it is off the post, then Goalie and directly into the net
2) If the Puck goes IN and OUT
3) If the Puck is banked off the boards directly into the net (TODD KROZE RULE)

- Be a sport and Have Fun
- Talk Hockey and call the play by play
- Shake hands and the end of the game/series/Stanley Cup
- Coleco 5380 Board, VSN ® Glass, RMeer Leveler ®, AJ Puck Dropper ®
- Bring a Case of Labatt’s Blue ®


Tie Break during League/Round Robin:
- Most Points (WIN 2, TIE 1, LOSS 0)
- Most Wins, Head to Head Wins, Lowest GA Average, Coin Toss
- Playoff Format: Best of 3: 1-1-1, Best of 5: 2-2-1, Best of 7: 2-2-1-1-1.
- Round Robin point standings determine 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7 and so on.

- OT to decide winner in Playoffs
- Format: Best of 3: 1-1-1, Best of 5L 2-2-1, Best of 7: 2-2-1-1-1
- League/Round Robin decide Playoff Seeds and pairing

Finals and Semi Finals:
- The higher seed can select the game to play home games. Selection is final
- The visitor can select a game for their home games. Selection is final
- If Players play on the same board, they will switch sides for home games


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,

What size nets aare you going to be using?

And here's a triva question for you, What are the size of the nets that were used by Coleco from 1960s to the 1980s? I don't know the answer, hope you do.


At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thinking 4.25". PS: Just simply the most fun game to play with the best players in the world playing them. :-)

Have fun boys and best of luck Ajit.


King Carlo

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anthony said...

Can you buy these Coleco games still or are you using vintage games?


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