Monday, May 20, 2013


Thank you to Chris, Costa, and the Redondo Beach cafe  for letting us display our passion: playing Table Hockey!

Our table hockey games are built by hand in California or TLC restored original games to give you years of enjoyment. 

All games come with a lifetime guarantee, and you must be satisfied, or your money back.

GO KINGS GO and Let's play Classic Table Hockey a game as real as hockey

1. Custom hand built games with your logo at center ice can run from $299 to $499.
2. Original (restored) games (Coleco 5380 style) run from $ $150 to $ $379 depending on the options you choose.
3. Please scroll through the pages here to see what you would like to buy and contact us.
4. Building these games is my hobby and I would like share this fun with everyone.There is no other indoor game that is SOoooooo like the real game.
5. There are at least 5 custom built and 5 restored games available for your home, office, or playroom.
6. We will either deliver to your home or ship if you live outside the LA area.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Mark B said...


Would you tell me about the options that you have for your custom and restored games along with their cost? I am looking to get a custom table hockey game with my tax return. So any info that you could send me would be great. Where on your blog is the best photos of what you build?


Mark Buckley
Greer, SC

Would you send any email replies to the following address:


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