Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010

Coleco Classic Cup Champion!

Burt Brassard, Quebec, PQ

From Left: Lou Marinoff (finalist) , AJ Sarma (organizer) , Burt Brassard (champion) , Robert Meer (organizer) , January 24, 2010, Alexis Park Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Burt Brassard, Quebec, PQ beat defending chanmpion
Lou Marinoff, Monroe, NY 4-3 in a thrilling final series.
BURT... 4 5 4 4 3 0 7
LOU......3 1 3 5 6 5 5
...................OT OT
Thank you all for coming. May Lady Table Hockey Luck shine on all players everywhere in 2010.
Thank you Alexis Park Hotel for a great venue, food and drinks.
ALL Results below:

From left: Burt, Robert, AJ, John, Pontus, Reggie, Lasrs, Roman, Lou, Randall

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coleco Classic Cup V
January 24, 2010
The games are ready.
The players are ready.
The droppers are ready.

See you at the Alexis Park Hotel, 375 E. Harmon Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89169 Tel: (702) 796-3322

Puck drops at 2PM - Doors open 1PM and the Confirmed player list is below:

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Coleco Classic Cup - January 24, 2010 - Confirmed players (on Jan 22, 2010) for the - Alexis Park Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

SIGN UP? click here: ajsar@cox.net
if you would like to play. It's free!

Pontus Eriksson, SWEDEN (World Rank #16 Stiga)
Lars Fridell, SWEDEN (World Rank #24 Stiga)

"Sweet" Lou Marinoff, NEW YORK - Champion 2008, 2009
Burt "Beliveau" Brassard, QUEBEC

"Big" John Medema, ILLINOIS


Roman "the Champ" Nezhyba, California - SCTHL Champion 2009
Reggie "the Teacher" Stefaniszyn, ALBERTA - SCTHL Champ 2008
Robert "the Sport" Meer, California - Finalist - 2006, 2009
Randall "Big Roller" Paskemin, UTAH
AJ "the Ref rules" Sarma, California

Get your name on the final roster, if you want to play the best Classic game in a tournament!